The Alquimia Restaurant team invites you to slow down the daily routine and taste the gastronomy through all the senses. With a large and cozy atmosphere, the restaurant welcomes you for a dining experience that reveres well-being and sustainability. Creative and healthy options made by the chef and his team. The menu highlights vegetarian / vegan cuisine, committed to the environment and your quality of life without losing flavor.

Conserving, raising awareness, recycling and respect are essential attitudes for the sustainable preservation and utilization of the planet's natural resources. Without them, the balance between man and the fundamental elements of the earth may cease to exist..

Among the main attractions of the city of Campos do Jordão is the gastronomy. Alquimia restaurant follows the world trend, offering a vegetarian / vegan menu, the first in this segment in the city, maintaining the local sophistication..

We need to make a difference, starting now is the best we can do. With this vision, Hotel Serra da Estrela and its Alquimia Restaurant celebrate the mission of working hard to become sustainable.

Those responsible for preparing the menu were supported by important bodies such as the Regional Nutrition Council (CRN 3rd Region) and the New Food Guide for Brazilians, where through technical advice and scientific studies show that it is possible to achieve balance and nutritional adequacy. with vegetarian diets. Seeking all care for the Food and Beverage sector, Hotel Serra da Estrela has chosen to offer, in addition to a healthy, balanced, tasty and exquisite menu, and gastronomy designed in terms of nutrition. Alquimia Restaurant has a cuisine committed to well-being and the environment. A gastronomy with flavor and know!

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