Spa Serra da Estrela

Guests at Hotel Serra da Estrela can count on an exclusive area for their relaxation with massages and baths. Services include aesthetic, therapeutic and relaxing massages:


Therapeutic massage from traditional Japanese culture that applies finger pressure (atsu) (shi) to the vital energy points of the body. It is used as a natural resource in the prevention of stress and ills caused by physical inactivity (headaches, muscle, spine, among others).

Relaxing massage

Therapeutic massage aimed at relaxation of muscles, brain, nerves and internal organs. Its great benefits, in addition to relaxation and stress treatment / prevention, relaxing massage bring blood back to the heart and lungs while the body remains passive (increases blood circulation without increasing metabolism).


Chair massage to relieve muscle tension.

Facial Moisturizing

Facial organic hydration. Promotes intense hydration, restoring skin's flexibility, elasticity and rejuvenation

Facial Organic Detox

Promotes skin cleansing, lightening, toning & moisturizing skin naturally

Aromatic bath in Ofuro

Aromatic Bath in Ofuro + Relaxing Massage. It was created to give the customer a total sense of relaxation. Aromatic Baths with salts and specific essence, which may be preceded by exfoliation of the body skin and ending with a relaxing massage.

Body Scrub with Relaxing Massage

Delivers dead cells through special exfoliation followed by massage with moisturizers and essential oils..

Lymphatic drainage

It has four basic functions; In addition to detoxifying, it contributes to the elimination of fluid (via diuresis), activates the immune system and also acts as a relaxing and analgesic. It fights infections such as acne and cellulite, as well as swelling and postoperative bruising, acting as decongestants at these points. The drainage does not lose weight, but it drops.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage provides deep relaxation through its heat by working the tensions and aligning and cleaning the chakras thanks to the power of the stones.

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